Jesse Porter
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Young Winos of L.A.

Jesse Porter, right, was a 22-year-old Syracuse University graduate working long hours in L.A. as an assistant to a husband-wife filmmaking team when he posted an online invitation to other young Angelenos to form a wine-tasting group. Now, more than two years later, a core group of two dozen members (with occasional guests from the Winos’ e-mail list) makes it to most of the Young Winos’ weekly tastings. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)
Seema Keni, left, and Emily Olsen at a Young Winos tasting in Sherman Oaks. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)
Jennifer Johnson, left, and Seema Keni. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)
Emily Olsen at the group’s “Red Scare” tasting. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)
A Henschke Keyneton Estate wine was among those opened by the Young Winos. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)
The Young Winos are serious about improving their wine IQs, and the Wednesday night meetings rarely disintegrate into parties. That’s not to say the conversation never wanders from what’s in the glass, however. (Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times)