Corinthian shutdown: What it means for students

Corinthian Colleges Inc., a Santa Ana company that was once one of the nation's largest for-profit college chains, announced that it is shutting down its remaining two dozen schools effective Monday — a move that leaves 16,000 students scrambling for alternatives.

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Home of the Day: Top-shelf Midcentury Modern in Bel-Air

Clean lines, open space and an eye-catching fireplace are among the distinctive characteristics of this Midcentury Modern-style home designed by Edward H. Fickett. North-facing walls of glass and clerestory windows center on city and mountain views from the more than one-third-acre site in Bel-Air.

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Superbug Outbreaks

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Scope maker warned Europe about contamination 2 years before L.A. infections


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Personal Finance Q&A: Caps on 401(k) contributions can vary

Dear Liz: I understand that anybody with a 401(k) can contribute up to $18,000. Does the amount you can contribute depend on your salary? Say you make $45,000. Therefore I would assume you could put in the full $18,000, or 40% of your salary. Am I wrong?

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