Your Uber driver is quietly rating your Uber-worthiness

Naughty or nice: Uber drivers are quietly rating their passengers

Here's the scoop from Wednesday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTAL-TV:

Uber ratings. Santa isn't the only one making lists for who's naughty and nice. Uber drivers are rating their passengers. And if you get low marks, you might find it hard to get a lift -- or you might find yourself blacklisted. What will get you in trouble? Drivers might penalize you being too chatty or not chatty enough or, God forbid, eating in their car.

Alli returns. A year after being recalled because of product tampering, Alli, the popular nonprescription diet pill, is returning to drugstore shelves. Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline says it's come up with new packages that are harder to tamper with and easier to spot if someone has messed with them.

Girl Scout cookies. If your hankering for Thin Mints or Samoas extends throughout the year, you're in luck. A company called Wicked Cool Toys has come out with an oven that makes the sweet treats. Think of it as a modern spin on the Easy Bake Oven. However, considering that the oven costs about $60 and cookie mix is extra, you might want to just splurge on some extra servings of the real thing.

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