To avoid summer airline delays, stay clear of N.Y. and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey serve the nation's busiest air space--expect more delays

If your summer vacation plans include flights in or out of New York or New Jersey airports, chances are pretty good that your flight will be delayed.

A study of on-time arrival rates over the last 10 summers found that the top three airports for summer delays are Newark-Liberty International, LaGuardia International and JFK International. Each of the top three have on-time arrival rates lower than 68%, according to the study by, a website that compares travel reward programs.

Blame the most congested air space in the country and afternoon thunderstorms for the East Coast delays, said Brian Karimzad, director of

The best airports for summer on-time rates are Honolulu International, Salt Lake City International and Phoenix International, all of which have on-time rates above 80%, according to the study.

Los Angeles International Airport falls in the middle of the ranking, with an average summer on-time arrival rate of 78%.

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