Damien Hirst parting ways with Gagosian Gallery after 17 years

Damien Hirst parting ways with Gagosian Gallery after 17 years
British artist Damien Hirst is shown at an event at Art Basel Miami this month. The artist is parting company from the Gagosian Gallery after 17 years. (Dimitrios Kambouris / AFP/Getty Images)

Their business partnership lasted nearly two decades, but even in the art world, all things must come to an end. Superstar artist Damien Hirst is parting company with his longtime dealer Larry Gagosian.

The split, which was first reported Thursday in London's Financial Times, comes several months after Hirst's spot-painting project that took over all Gagosian galleries around the world.


The gallery issued a statement Thursday saying that it "has been a great honor to work with Damien over the last 17 years... We wish him continued success for the future."

Hirst is also represented by London's White Cube Gallery, with whom he continues to maintain a relationship.

The Financial Times quoted Hirst's company, Science Ltd., saying that "Larry Gagosian and Damien have reached an amicable decision to part company."

With his high-concept art projects that are coveted by collectors, Hirst has become one of the richest artists in the world. For some, he has also become the epitome of art-world excess and the cult of celebrity that has taken over the visual arts.

Some of Hirst's most famous works include the body of a shark preserved in formaldehyde, a human skull encrusted with diamonds and the bodies of a cow and calf sliced in half.

"The Complete Spot Paintings" took place at Gagosian galleries around the world simultaneously from Jan. 12 to Feb. 18. The Beverly Hills location featured 23 of the paintings.