Google's inkblot test: What do you see?

Google's inkblot test: What do you see?
Friday's Google Doodle is an interactive inkblot test in honor of its creator, Hermann Rorschach. (Google)

It could be a bird ... it could be a plane ... it could be ... a Google Doodle.

Google's newest visual play on its logo Friday is an interactive, shareable inkblot test. The Google Doodle is in honor of what would be the 129th birthday of Swiss psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach, who invented the now iconic test in 1921.


The Rorschach test is meant to shed light on the personalities and emotional states of its subjects, who the psychoanalyst felt projected their subconscious feelings onto the amorphous blobs of ink when describing their shapes.

Above Google's search box, a large pair of hands holds an inkblot-stained card up for view; behind it is a therapist hunched over and scribbling notes. Users can click through multiple versions of the inkblot, offering what appears to be -- not to give away too much of Culture Monster's psychological landscape -- a bat, a spaceship or a polar bear.

In a 21st century twist, users can share their perceptions on Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Google+.  The hashtag #RorschachDoodle called up a number of takes, among them:  “... the face of that one guy in The Watchmen” and “ ... two robotic sheep leapfrogging over two smaller sheep and about to collide in mid-air.”