Box office: 'Entourage' pulls in $2 million in Tuesday evening showings

Box office: 'Entourage' pulls in $2 million in Tuesday evening showings
Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama, Jerry Ferrara as Turtle, Adrian Grenieras Vince, Jeremy Pivenas Ari Gold, Kevin Connollyas Eric and Emmanuelle Chiriqui as Sloan in the movie "Entourage," directed by Doug Ellin. (Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.)

The big-screen adaptation of HBO's "Entourage" collected a solid $2 million from early Tuesday evening showings, according to Warner Bros. estimates.

The film, which cost under $30 million to make, is poised to make between $12 million to $17 million over its five-day opening, according to people familiar with pre-release audience surveys. Warner Bros. is expanding the film to 3,108 theaters on Wednesday.

Written and directed by series creator Doug Ellin, the movie picks up shortly after the 2011 TV finale with the boys — Hollywood star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), E. (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) — back to their usual shenanigans. 

There are of course a handful of celebrity cameos, including Pharrell Williams, Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson, Warren Buffett and Tom Brady. Mark Wahlberg, producer and series inspiration, also makes an appearance.

Some critics have bashed the show for glorifying a storyline about shallow dudes who objectify women. The film has racked up a 31% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Over the weekend, "Entourage" will likely trail behind the Melissa McCarthy comedy "Spy" and horror film "Insidious Chapter 3," both which are tracking to debut with at least $25 million. "San Andreas," last weekend's No.1 film, is also expected to maintain its might at the box office in its second weekend.

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