YouTube's worldwide ad sales are expected to jump 51% to $5.6 billion

YouTube's worldwide ad sales are expected to jump 51% to $5.6 billion
Brands such as Procter & Gamble's Old Spice are increasingly gravitating to YouTube. This ad, starring Isaiah Mustafa, attracted millions of views on YouTube. (Procter & Gamble)

Advertisers are projected to spend about $5.6 billion on YouTube this year, a 51% jump over 2012 levels, according to a new analysis from researcher EMarketer.

YouTube's corporate parent, Google Inc., doesn't report revenues for the site. Instead, it touts statistics that speak to YouTube's global reach -- more than 1 billion monthly visitors -- and sheer breadth of content (100 hours of video are uploaded every minute).

EMarketer said it analyzed hundreds of data points, as well as studies about the site's revenues and ad impressions, to estimate YouTube's global ad revenues.

The researcher projects that YouTube's will clear $1.96 billion, once its splits ad proceeds with its video content creators. Based on these estimates, EMarketer reports YouTube would command a 1.7% share of global digital ad revenues -- higher than those of AOL,, Pandora, Twitter and others.

In the U.S., YouTube stands to net $1.08 billion in ad revenues in 2013, up 51% from 2012.

Video ad revenues are expected to grow in the coming years for YouTube, with U.S. ad revenues projected to reach $1.22 billion next year -- soaking up 21% of all U.S. video ad revenues.

Much of those gains would come from spurring demand for YouTube's video content, as well as designing new ad formats, such as TrueView, that enable viewers to skip the ad after five seconds (the advertiser only pays when the consumer chooses to watch the ad).