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Emmy chat: Let's talk 'Togetherness' with Amanda Peet on Thursday

Join Amanda Peet from @HBO's TOGETHERNESS for a live chat Thursday at 2 p.m. PDT.

Amanda Peet will be stopping by The Times studio on Thursday at 2 p.m. PDT to talk about her work on HBO's first-year series "Togetherness." And that's a good thing for many reasons, not the least of which being we've been stewing over the show's finale -- and her character Tina's decisions on said episode -- for the past couple of months now and we need to talk it out. Who better to help us, right?

Peet's Tina is a 40ish woman who relocates to Los Angeles, moving in with her  married sister Michelle Pierson (Melanie Lynskey) and brother-in-law Brett Pierson (Mark Duplass) and their kids. She's a party planner specializing in bouncy houses and a little challenged on the relationship front. However, by season's end, she must choose between an empty, easy life with rich Hollywood producer Larry (Peter Gallagher) or broke good guy Alex (Steve Zissis), a friend who seems to love her. Guess who she goes with?

"Tina's tragic, but she's also kind of funny," Peet told The Times in a January interview. "Once I got the clothing down, it was a lot easier. … I don't usually wear tight things and stuff like that. I'm 42 and wearing a miniskirt with little cowboy boots — it just doesn't feel right."

Tina is, she added, "very desperate and desperation, I think, is often really funny to watch."

It is and it was on "Togetherness'" first eight episodes. We'll get into it all and take your questions as well. Tweet them to us, using the hashtag #AskLATimes and in the meantime peruse some recent Emmy Contenders conversations.


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