Emmy chat: Time to talk 'Portlandia' with Fred Armisen on Wednesday

Fred Armisen returns to @latimes to talk @portlandia on Wednesday at 2 p.m. PDT. Questions? #AskLATimes

We wish the timing were a little better, so we could visit Fred Armisen in Portland, Ore., like this guy did, waiting way too long for a hipster to make our coffee and grilled cheese sandwich and driving around in a vintage Saab.

But, for the time being, Armisen is here in L.A., and so we'll just have to make due with the Los Angeles Times' office (our specialty: bread and water) where the "Portlandia" star will visit for a live video chat on Wednesday at 2 p.m. PDT.

We'll be talking all things "Portlandia," of course, which wrapped its fifth season earlier this year, still delivering consistently funny, weird and wonderful observations about the artisanally minded denizens of the PDX. The IFC series won six Emmy nominations last year, including nods for Armisen as an actor and, with the show's staff (including costar Carrie Brownstein), writer.

Armisen joined us last year, when the Silver Lake resident shared the grueling memory of going to a "Portlandia" promotional event in Runyon Canyon.

"Parking was so hard, so the hike for me was going from the car to the entrance," Armisen says. "That did tire me out. So I shook some hands, took some pictures, then turned on the air conditioning in my car. I was in heaven again."

Are you wondering if he has ventured out into the wild since? Or might you have another question? Tweet it to us, using the hashtag #askLATimes.

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