Bill Hader on Emmy noms, leaving 'SNL' and David Bowie

What would Stefon, Bill Hader's Ed Hardy-loving New York City correspondent on "Saturday Night Live," make of Los Angeles? Why is David Bowie so hard to imitate and Dave Matthews almost too easy? And would it be possible to remain on "Saturday Night Live" and commute from L.A.?

These subjects -- and many, many others -- were discussed when Hader dropped by our office for a video chat. The actor, nominated for his second Emmy this year for his work on "Saturday Night Live," recently left New York (and the late-night franchise), relocating to Los Angeles so he and his filmmaker wife, Maggie Carey, wouldn't have to keep piling up the commuter miles.

But leaving "Saturday Night Live" is easier said than done. Hader goes into detail explaining the reasons, as well as going into delightful detail on the making of Stefon's final sketch on the show. Listen in, won't you?