'Girls': Join a live chat with Alex Karpovsky on Friday

'Girls': Join a live chat with Alex Karpovsky on Friday
Alex Karpovsky and Lena Dunham in "Girls." Dunham says Karpovsky will be sticking around. (Jessica Miglio/HBO)

It's a shame about Ray. Or is it? Join "Girls" cast member Alex Karpovsky on Friday at 1 p.m. PDT to talk about how Ray's doing these days since Shoshanna broke his heart in the Season 2 finale of Lena Dunham's acclaimed comedy.

When we spoke to Dunham about the upcoming season of "Girls," she assured us that not only would Ray be back, he'd be as prominent as ever.

"Alex Karpovsky is one of my fave people on the planet and we've been collaborators before the show," Dunham told us for an Envelope cover piece that will publish June 6. "I will write for him as long as he wants to be written for."

So maybe that's the first question: How long do you want to be written for? (Is there a way to end that question without a preposition? Maybe that's Question No. 2.) Also: That Grumpy's coffeehouse Ray's going to be opening? Dunham tells us it won't be in Brooklyn Heights as Ray was promised, but in the hipster neighborhood of Fort Greene.

"That's problematic for him," Dunham says. "Ray doesn't need any hipness in his life. He's critical of hipness. Grumpy's was near Williamsburg and it was too much for him."

So Ray has lost Shoshanna and he's dealing with Fort Greene beardos. There is much to discuss. Join us with questions in hand Friday. Fresh roasted coffee is optional.

[Update: 11 a.m. June 4: The chat with Alex Karpovsky has been rescheduled from Tuesday, June 4, to Friday, June 7, at 1 p.m. PDT.]