Amal Clooney not pregnant, despite wearing coat over dress in December

Amal Clooney is not pregnant, George Clooney's rep was saying Monday after a photo taken over the weekend seemed to show a miraculous and not-insignificant baby bump.

"Amal Clooney is not pregnant" — see, what did we tell you? — rep Stan Rosenfield told People and other outlets.


A picture showing the human-rights attorney in a short black dress with a layered skirt topped by a cream-colored swing coat was posted by TMZ on Monday morning. It was accompanied by a story labeling the image "interesting" and suggesting that perhaps Mr. Clooney had made her Mrs. Clooney only because she was knocked up.

Hmm. Where to start?

They got engaged in April? Which would have been after he found out she was pregnant, if cause-and-effect were a factor? Presuming the moment of conception had been as recent as the day of the proposal, she'd be about eight months pregnant by now. That probably would've made it on the radar before today.

And at their wedding, where she looked like this, she would have been about five months pregnant — something that in the case of "Today" show correspondent Jenna Wolfe looked like this.

"Coats don't generally hang out from your body," noted TMZ, which apparently never shopped for a swing coat.

Granted, in the shot, reportedly taken as the couple left Soho House in West Hollywood, the former Amal Alamuddin was holding her hands for at least a fraction of a second in a position that could suggest she was many months into pregancy.

Also, additional pics published by the Daily Mail included one where she was holding a relatively small purse over her abdomen, a scenario explained by the wink-wink caption, "With her velvet clutch bag strategically placed on her tummy — Amal appeared a little self-conscious."

But seriously people!!

Here's what the alleged "bump" was looking like on Thanksgiving Day. She would've had to go from having board-flat tummy (accented by thigh gap, for Pete's sake!) to a big ol' belly in less than 10 days.

Even with an over-achiever like Amal, that's a pretty hard story to stomach.

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