Jennifer Aniston in minor fender-bender after 'Friends' reunion

Jennifer Aniston reunites with 'Friends' costars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow

Yikes! Jennifer Aniston's driver had a bit of a fender-bender on Wednesday as he ferried the actress out of a parking structure in West Hollywood.

The "Cake" star, 45, had been at a "Friends" reunion of sorts, dining at Craig's restaurant with fomer costars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, with whom she's kept in touch over the years.

Though the real-life pow-wow means little regarding a long-desired but unanimously denied reunion project, the trio did make headlines as they left the establishment.

It seems as though Aniston's chauffer was a bit flustered by shutterbugs waiting at the pay station. He repeatedly flashed a handheld flashlight to thwart the paparazzi but ended up dinting the passenger side of the silver Mercedes on a fence pole on the opposite side of the kiosk.

A bespectacled Aniston could be seen sitting in the back seat, shielding her face from the cameras.

In the video above, taken at the scene, a shout goes up as the car and pole connect. One photographer quickly blames the driver, then another says, "Uh-oh, it's our fault though."

The newly engaged Cox and pal Kudrow, who drove their own cars, made their way out behind Aniston's ride with no problems, save for bright camera flashes illuminating unflattering images of the women.

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