Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan tangled up in Barron Hilton beating

Art Basel? Might as well call it Art Brutal after Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's younger brother, was beaten up in the wee hours Friday at a house party related to the annual art event in Miami Beach.

Barron took it hard in the face, as can be seen in a picture he posted the next day on Instagram — a photo on which Paris reportedly commented, "They both will pay for what they did. No one ... with my family and gets away with it!"


And who would the "both" be? Apparently, Lindsay Lohan and Lohan friend Ray Lemoine, who are rumored to be linked to the beatdown. Lemoine reportedly had for a few days rented out the mansion where the party took place.

According to a police report obtained by the Associated Press, witnesses said a man told Barron to leave then hit him in the face with an object before fleeing in an SUV. Neither Hilton nor two witnesses could identify the attacker, the report said.

However, a rep for Lemoine told TMZ that Hilton started the scuffle by getting physical after refusing to leave the party at Lemoine's request. Which sort of outs Lemoine as the suspect, yes? Law enforcement sources told the website Monday that they had probable cause to make an arrest in the situation, and would probably do that soon.

Now let's get to where Lindsay fits into all of this.

One version of the story, per Page Six sources, says Lemoine was telling Hilton "what a nightmare" Lohan was and that he wanted to cut things off with her. The source said Hilton sympathized. But whoops, Lohan overheard the smack-talking and allegedly ordered her boy to put the hurt on Hilton. Blend that with the TMZ report that Lohan was told earlier during the party that Hilton was talking trash about her and later was beaten up.

Boiled down, someone was trash-talking someone else, and the someone else didn't like it, allegedly to the point of requesting retaliation. Which is interesting to note when it becomes clear that none of the allegedly involved parties is in high school.

Another version — wherein LiLo denies any involvement — comes in part from mama Dina Lohan, up in New York, who told Newsday that TMZ "doesn't have the facts." Lemoine's rep also said Lohan had nothing to do with the attack — in line with the Hilton-wouldn't-leave-and-then-got-pushy story.

Barron intends to sue Lindsay and Ray, TMZ reported Monday.

The art world, dude. It's a tough scene.


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