Paycheck Friday: Dinosaur everything for a 'Jurassic' weekend

Paycheck Friday: Dinosaur everything for a 'Jurassic' weekend
Chris Pratt attempts to keep the raptors at bay in "Jurassic World." (Universal Pictures)

Welcome to a special all-dinosaurs edition of Paycheck Friday, a roundup of Hero Complex's favorite toys, games, books and more.

In honor of "Jurassic World" tearing its way through the box office this weekend, this week's paycheck goes to creating a dinosaur world of your very own (minus the risk of actually being attacked by any genetically modified prehistoric creatures).


First in the roundup are Hasbro's "Jurassic World" Raptor Assortment figures. For anybody who was love at first "clever girl" in "Jurassic Park," this assortment of velociraptors to stage a hunt is hard to resist.

Figures for Blue, CharlieDelta and Echo from "Jurassic World" are available.

For those who need even more velociraptors in their life, consider the Raptor Rampage Lego set. The set includes two Lego raptors, along with figures for Owen and Claire, so fans can reenact their favorite "Jurassic World" moment (or create a scene they would have preferred to have seen in the film).

Of course, raptors are not the only dinosaurs in the film, so for those looking to expand the types of theropods in their dino-toy collection, consider adding an Indominus rex into the mix. There is also a Tyrannosaurus rex lock-down playset to look forward to in the fall.

Not impressed with "Jurassic World"? There are plenty of dinosaur alternatives.

For a dose of dinosaurs in space, consider checking out "The Midas Flesh," a sci-fi take on the myth of King Midas' golden touch.

From writer Ryan North (the mind behind "Dinosaur Comics") and illustrators Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, "The Midas Flesh" follows the small crew of the starship Prospect as they travel to Earth to discover the secrets behind its fate as a doomed, solid gold planet to see if it can aid them in their fight against the evil Federation.

Among the crew is Cooper, a talking, bespectacled dinosaur. The second collected volume of the series was also recently released.

For another alternative, consider checking out "T. Rex Autopsy," National Geographic's up-close look at the anatomy and biology of a Tyrannosaurus rex that involves dissecting a model T. Rex.

While the the show originally aired last weekend, the National Geographic Channel is set to rerun the show Sunday at 10 a.m.

Los Angeles-area fans of the original "Jurassic Park" can also check out an outdoor screening of the film at Granada Beach in Long Beach on June 23 as part of the Moonlight Movies on the Beach series. The free screening series is paycheck friendly.

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