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New SyFy series "Krypton" showcases Superman's grandpa and will include Hawkwoman and Adam Strange

"Krypton" producers Damian Kindler and Cameron Welsh flank star Cameron Cuffe in the LA Times photo studio at Comic-Con July 22, 2017 (Jay Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)
"Krypton" producers Damian Kindler and Cameron Welsh flank star Cameron Cuffe in the LA Times photo studio at Comic-Con July 22, 2017 (Jay Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)

To the relief of people in the audience at the debut Comic-Con panel for the new Syfy series "Krypton," the creators revealed that they didn't totally disconnect from the current DC Universe.

DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns moderated the Indigo Ballroom panel Saturday, which included Cameron Cuffe, who stars as Superman's grandfather Seg-El, and executive producers Cameron Welsh and Damian Kindler.

The presentation opened with a sneak peek at footage from the show, which premieres in 2018. It highlighted the Romeo-and-Juliet situation in which Seg-El finds himself due to a romantic relationship with a woman from the House of Zod, a name Superman fans know well.

In the narration, Superman's grandpa tells Kal-El (aka Superman) that he's about to learn more about his history, and not just about the planet's demise: "Ours is a story of sacrifice and triumph."

It was clear that Cuffe knew his character, the lore surrounding it, the back story of Superman in the comics and just comics in general. 

"These are my people. I was, am, just like you," he said gesturing to the crowd, recounting meeting Johns prior to his involvement in "Krypton" because the writer signed a copy of "Teen Titans" for him.

Johns revealed two characters who would be making appearances on "Krypton":  Adam Strange and Hawkwoman. (She may not be the Hawkwoman comics fans are used to, but her ties to the planet Thanagar and Strange's ties to the planet Rann will be what gets them on Krypton.)

The series revolves around a nefarious plot to erase or affect the legacy of Superman by going back into the past on Krypton.  Johns recounted that at the start of the show someone from Earth relays the message to Seg-El that he must thwart this plan.

The show, Johns said, "will answer the question of how the [the iconic Superman 'S'] symbol comes to mean everything that it means today." 

The show will include familiar places like Kandor and the Fortress of Solitude, and will feature a number of other heroes and villains that the panel didn't want to spoil, but they did spill that Brainiac and Doomsday will make an appearance.

Although set in the past, the producers said "Krypton" needed to connect to the present day DC universe because it changes the stakes when viewers know it could affect what they know to be canon in the world of Superman.

Asked how he felt, as a fan, to be stepping into this role, Cuffe said, "To be the origin of the symbol to my favorite character, it means everything to me."

Ultimately, said Kindler, "We want to make a show where the DC fan says 'They got it right.' "

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