1993: ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’
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The many iterations of the Power Rangers

1993: ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’
The Power Rangers have had a long history, traversing time, galaxies and jungles -- as well as changes in cast and the ownership of the franchise. And yet, through it all, they seem to hold more or less the same basic pose. Here are the iterations of the colorful heroes from the first season to the 18th.

Saban’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” above, kicked off as a kids’ show about a group of teens given special morphing powers to battle an evil sorceress named Rita Repulsa. It premiered on Fox and rocketed to No.1 in the ratings virtually overnight. (Saban Entertainment)
1994: ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’
Fox Children’s Network and Saban Entertainment announce that three new Power Rangers -- Red, Yellow and Black -- will be introduced to the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” television show. The show later swapped the Green Ranger with the White Ranger too.

Left to right, Johnny Yong Bosch, Amy Jo Johnson, Steve Cardenas, Jason Frank, Karan Ashley and David Yost. (Jeff Katz / Associated Press)
1994-1996: ‘The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’
The franchise holds its ground as the longest-running “Power Rangers” series and becomes one of the most-watched children’s shows on TV. (Saban International Services)
1996: ‘Zeo’
After a “Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers” miniseries, Season 4 begins with a new installment of the franchise. (Saban Entertainment)
1997: ‘Turbo’
The Rangers upgrade to Turbo Powers to face a new threat: space pirate Divatox. (Saban Entertainment)
1998: ‘In Space’
As the season opens, the Power Chamber has been destroyed by Divatox, and the Rangers have lost their Turbo Powers. Princess of evil Astronema undertakes the mission of destroying the Rangers. (Saban Entertainment)
1999: ‘Lost Galaxy’
Five teens from a newly created space colony seek a new world that resembles Earth. They find five mystical swords (Quasar Sabers) on a jungle planet called Mirinoi. The weapons transform them into Galaxy Power Rangers, and they use the swords to battle space villains including Scorpius, Trakeena, Deviot, and Captain Mutiny. Galaxy Ranger Kendrix Morgan dies during the season and is replaced by Karone, sister of the Red Space Ranger. (Saban Entertainment)
2000: ‘Lightspeed Rescue’
This season features a Power Rangers crossover event, in which the Rangers from Lost Galaxy team up with the Light Speed Rescue Rangers in a one-hour special. (Saban Entertainment)
2001: ‘Time Force’
The rangers come back to hunt down the Earth’s last known fugitive, Ransik, who has escaped from the year 3000 to conquer a previous era. The future rangers travel back to 2001 to take him on.

This was the last full season to air completely on Fox Kids, due to the sale of Fox Family to Disney. (Fox Kids)
2002: ‘Wild Force’
Mythical giant beasts known as Wild Zords recruit five young heroes from the modern world and grant them the power to become Power Rangers. (Saban Entertainment)
2003: ‘Ninja Storm’
In the first season produced by Disney, “Ninja Storm” features a group of teenage ninja warriors who unite to fight an exiled evil ninja master determined to conquer the world. (Saban Entertainment)
2004: ‘Dino Thunder’
Set in a world that has reverted back to the age of the dinosaurs, this season features the return of fan favorite Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) as the new Black Ranger. (Saban Entertainment)
2005: ‘Space Patrol Delta’
The 13th incarnation of the series takes place in the year 2035, and aliens from the Troobian Empire are looking to destroy the Earth. But the SPD A-Squad vanishes, leaving the underdog B-Squad from the training academy in charge.

Left to right: Chris Violette as Sky/Blue Power Ranger, Monica May as Z/Yellow Power Ranger, Brandon Jay McLaren as Jack/Red Power Ranger, Alycia Purrott as Syd/Pink Power Ranger and Matt Austin as Bridge/Green Power Ranger. (Walt Disney Co.)
2006: ‘Mystic Force’
To stop impending evil, a powerful sorceress recruits a team of five teenagers destined to become the Power Rangers Mystic Force. This is the only season to feature the Rangers in capes. (Saban Entertainment)
2007: ‘Operation Overdrive’
To celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary, a special two-part episode, “Once a Ranger,” features the current team joining with a dream team of five Rangers from five previous seasons. (Saban Entertainment)
2008: ‘Jungle Fury’
When the ancient evil spirit Dai Shi returns to wipe out all humans, a trio of teenagers must learn secret kung fu styles based on the world’s most ferocious jungle animals to become Power Rangers. (Saban Entertainment)
2009: ‘RPM’
The last original Disney-produced season takes place in a dystopian future taken over by robots. (Saban Entertainment)
2011: ‘Samurai’
“Power Rangers” was reacquired by Haim Saban’s Saban Brands in 2010. “Power Rangers Samurai” features a refocus on humor and heart along with action and adventure. Bulk (Paul Schrier) also returns. (Saban Entertainment)
2011: ‘Samurai’
Nickelodeon introduces a new generation of kids to the franchise with “Samurai” on Feb. 7. The rangers master the fire, water, sky, forest and earth to defeat a mysterious warrior. Check out a preview here.

Najee De-Tiege, left, is the Blue Ranger, Alex Heartman, middle, is the Red Ranger, and Hector David Jr. is the Green Ranger. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)