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Harley Quinn and the Joker’s bonkers ‘Suicide Squad’ costumes are full of insane details

Harley Quinn and Joker
Harley Quinn and the Joker
(Meredith Woerner / Los Angeles Times)

It’s kind of wonderful to see such ridiculously comic booky characters  embrace the lunacy of who they are. And “Suicide Squad’s” Joker and and Harley Quinn got ridiculous in spades. Just look at what they’re wearing in their new movie.

At the DC Entertainment booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego, all the “Suicide Squad” costumes were on display, and the best were hands down Harley Quinn (played by actress Margot Robbie) and the Joker (Jared Leto). It’s just … insane. And full of bananas details. 

For instance, Harley’s bat has an inscription of the lullaby “Hush Little Baby.” 

(Meredith Woerner / Los Angeles Times )

Harley Quinn’s choker necklace says “puddin,” one of her many nicknames for “Mistah Jay.” 

(Meredith Woerner / Los Angeles Times )

And the Joker is wearing bat leggings. Behold the glory of madness reflected in complicated outwear and underwear pairings. 

Full gallery of the looks below: 


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