Some films in movie purgatory

A partial list of films recently in movie purgatory:



: director Kenneth Lonergan. Shot: 2005. (Fox Searchlight)

Lonergan's follow-up to his acclaimed "You Can Count on Me" has been the subject of numerous reshoots and two lawsuits. Status: No release date.

"Case 39"

: director Christian Alvart. Shot: 2006. (Paramount)

The Renée Zellweger-

Bradley Cooper



endured several studio regime changes and several aborted release dates. Status: Released three weeks ago.

"Spring Breakdown"

: director Ryan Shiraki. Shot: 2006.

(Warner Bros.


The ensemble



Amy Poehler


Seth Meyers

was stuck in limbo when the Warner Independent label shut down. The film was shopped to other studios; when none took it, the studio scrapped a theatrical release. Status: Released on DVD in 2009.

"Kids in America"

: director Michael Dowse. Shot: 2007. (Universal Pictures)

Topher Grace


Anna Faris

star in this post college comedy that was withheld from theaters at the behest of Universal executives. Status: Set for release in March by

Relativity Media


"A Thousand Words"

: director

Brian Robbins

. Shot: 2008. (DreamWorks/Paramount)


Eddie Murphy

comedy was shelved after Murphy's flops

"Meet Dave"

and "

Imagine That

." Status: Tentatively set for early 2011.


: director Mikael Hafstrom. Shot: 2008. (Weinstein Co.)


World War II

epic starring

John Cusack

has been held by the financially challenged Weinstein Co. Status: Possibly coming out in 2011.

"The Beaver"

: director

Jodie Foster

. Shot: 2009 (Summit Entertainment)

One of the most talked-about scripts in the industry, about a man and a beaver puppet, became a movie with

Mel Gibson

. Then Gibson hit the tabloids. Status: No release date.