Brie Larson's directorial debut 'Unicorn Store' was made from a proudly feminine point of view

At a time when her acting career had reached a new height, Oscar winner Brie Larson could have simply enjoyed her newly minted status of movie star rather than taking on the added responsibilities of directing, in particular to make a movie as boldly earnest and willfully eccentric as “Unicorn Store.”

“I’m really not good at being comfy,” Larson said. “I really want to keep being in this state of being a little bit off-balance and a little bit scared and ready to be surprised.

“There’s this kid in me that doesn’t have a voice, there’s this innocence inside of me, and this dreamer and this hope and this optimism that reside inside of me that was dying,” she said. “Kind of everything I was doing was about digging into the darkness and revealing the darker parts of our world. Which we need to see. But I also think, at least for myself, that I need to remember the other side of it too and that they work together. And to not feel repulsed by innocence or by happiness.”

“Unicorn Store” premieres today at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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