Obama-era regrets and advice for Donald Trump from former administration officials Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes

In "The Final Year," Greg Barker offers an inside look at the Obama administration and its foreign-policy team in the last 12 months of his presidency. Barker opted to bring the film to Toronto instead of his go-to venue of Sundance so it could be seen right away.

The movie follows the 44th president and a team that includes former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power and senior strategist Ben Rhodes in the West Wing and around the world as they apply their brand of engaged globalism on issues ranging from climate change to Syria. To many, the scenes will conjure mental comparisons to Donald Trump even before he makes a brief appearance as president-elect late in the film.‎

"Someone asked me right after election day,‎ 'How does this affect your movie?'" Barker said. "And I told them, 'I think it just got more important.' I don't mean that politically,” he added. “I just mean that it shows a certain worldview at a time when it's being questioned more than ever."‎

Barker, Rhodes and Power sat down with the L.A. Times in Toronto to discuss regrets from the Obama years and what advice they'd give Trump.

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