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For cast of 'Me the People,' skewering Trump through (a different kind of) theater

Out in the real world, Donald Trump was navigating meetings in France and Donald Trump Jr. was fielding questions about Russia.

Inside a theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side, though, characters from the Trump universe were singing, preening and impersonating.

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On sisters and snacks with Jenny Slate and the team behind 'Landline'

Remember back to a time, if you can, before widespread cellphones, before texting and email were preferred modes of communication. The new film “Landline” is set specifically in 1995 and brings back a world of pay phones, pockets full of change to pay for pay phones and the fact it once seemed much more likely to just not connect with someone.

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Classic Hollywood: George Romero, Mr. Rogers and the Pittsburgh connection

It came from Pittsburgh.

The modern-day zombie movie wasn’t a creature spawned in Hollywood. Instead, we have the Steel City to thank for giving us George Romero, who was proudly Pennsylvanian and filmed near his hometown with unknown actors and a bare-bones budget.

Welcome to another edition of the Classic Hollywood newsletter. I’m Scott Sandell.

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The Moviegoer, July 23-29

Dolly Parton Double Feature In the 1980s country music superstar and American treasure Dolly Parton was a bona-fide movie star. In her first big movie role, the 1980 revenge-comedy 9 to 5, Parton proved that she could hold her own with seasoned acting talents Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman.

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With 'Girls Trip,' director Malcolm D. Lee celebrates 'black girl magic'
Milla Jovovich on her action heroine legacy, 'The Fifth Element,' and why the 'Resident Evil' franchise 'should get a reboot'
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