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'Junun' has Paul Thomas Anderson going to India with part of Radiohead

Concert documentaries are practically as old as the sitar, and films set in recording studios not much newer than that.But the music is the thing, and there are many things, from many different places, in “Junun,” a jolting jam session of a picture directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Kenneth Turan's DVD pick of the week: Films with animals in the title

Two modern classics are united not just by having animals in the title but also by having significant anniversary editions coming out this month.

From Warner Bros. comes the 40th-anniversary edition of Sidney Lumet’s “Dog Day Afternoon,” starring Al Pacino and the late John Cazale in a New York City bank robbery tale unlike any other.

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Composer John Williams named recipient of AFI Life Achievement Award

Oscar-winning composer John Williams ("Jaws," "Star Wars," "E.T. The  Extra-Terrestrial,"  "Schindler's List") was named the 44th AFI Life Achievement Award recipient Thursday by the American Film Institute Board of Trustees. Williams is the first composer to receive the award, one of the highest honors for a film career in the U.S.

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Academy Museum gets $5-million gift from the late Shirley Temple Black's family

The late Shirley Temple Black and her family are giving money and memorabilia totaling more than $5 million to the planned Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, leaders announced on Thursday.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also announced that its capital campaign is now aiming to raise $388 million toward the new museum building, exhibitions and programs.

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Jeffrey Deitch teaming up with 'The Wolfpack' documentary brothers

Jeffrey Deitch, the former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, is teaming up with the Angulo brothers, the young film buffs featured in the recent documentary "The Wolfpack," to create a gallery show based on the movie-related costumes, scripts and props that the Angulos created in their years of isolation.

"The Wolfpack Show," set to open Oct.

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Michael Fassbender talks 'Steve Jobs,' iPhones and working naked

Every time Michael Fassbender talks about his iPhone -- and, since he's playing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the audacious biopic "Steve Jobs," the subject comes up now and then -- Fassbender reflexively pats the front pocket of his dark blue jeans just to make sure the device is still there. 

"I've lost so many of them," he says, laughing and, with a wave of his hand, adding, "they come and they

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