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How 'The Jungle Book' VFX team re-created a classic through cutting-edge technology

Last year’s re-creation of Rudyard Kipling’s 19th century tale and 1967 Walt Disney classic animated film “The Jungle Book” required the services of more than 800 animators,  burned through hundreds of millions of render hours and honed the edge of cutting-edge technology.

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The art of aging — behind the scenes with the Oscar-nominated makeup-and-hair team for 'A Man Called Ove'

What did it take to transform a youthful actor into a cantankerous old man for the Oscar-nominated Swedish film “A Man Called Ove”?

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Warner Bros. brings on Matt Reeves to direct 'The Batman'

Ending weeks of speculation and swirling rumors about the future of one of its most important comic book franchises, Warner Bros. announced that director Matt Reeves — whose films include “Cloverfield,” “Let Me In” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” — will take the reins of the next solo Batman movie.

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What time are the Oscars? And other important questions answered

Pop the Champagne, shimmy into that gown and call the limo — it’s time for the Oscars, darling.

While the majority of us are more likely to call an Uber and cozy up on a friend’s couch in sweats to watch the ultra-glam event, that doesn’t change the fact that the 89th Academy Awards are Sunday.

What time does the show start? And on what channel?

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Criterion brings 'Mildred Pierce' out of the noir shadows

It may not be as faithful or definitive an adaptation of the James M. Cain novel as Todd Haynes’ 2011 HBO miniseries, but Michael Curtiz’s “Mildred Pierce” (1945) remains a rip-roaring entertainment.

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Here's who's going to win all 24 Oscar categories

After six months of campaigning and cajoling and trying to get “City of Stars” out of our heads, the Oscars are finally here. So it’s time for some final predictions for Sunday’s ceremony.


Somebody will mention Donald Trump. Somebody will cry. Somebody will cry while mentioning Donald Trump.

We good? No? OK.

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