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Did #WHCD roaster Larry Wilmore run into the Oscar-host paradox?

Let's put aside the question of whether Larry Wilmore  was funny.  The White House Correspondents Dinner roaster on Saturday night did land some trenchant lines, though he was not as funny as many past hosts, and maybe not nearly as funny as he thought he was.

Let's also put aside whether the world needs another Larry Wilmore take, hot or otherwise. It doesn't.

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Here is why Hollywood also has an LGBT diversity issue
'Jungle Book' dominates box office for third consecutive weekend

A little tabby cat isn't faring very well against the rest of the animal kingdom at the box office this weekend.

For the third consecutive weekend, Walt Disney Studios' "The Jungle Book" is dominating ticket sales — spelling bad news for Key and Peele's kitten-themed comedy "Keanu." The new take on the Rudyard Kipling classic grossed $10.3 million Friday, according to an estimate from Disney.

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Indie Focus: Kittens, action and transformation in 'Keanu,' 'Viva' and 'Tale of Tales'

Hello! I’m Mark Olsen, and welcome to your weekly field guide to a world of Only Good Movies.

“Mother’s Day” has turned into another of those movies that I would not recommend one to see, but you should definitely read the reviews, which have been a delight.

And so it makes a fitting welcome for our new L.A. Times film critic Justin Chang.

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Will Ferrell drops out of 'Reagan' after backlash
Forgettable 'Term Life' doesn't pay off

Early in the dramedy “Term Life,” Vince Vaughn’s character, Nick Barrow, explains that he has an odd job: “I plan heists.” Right from the jump, the film declares its allegiance to the universe of pulp paperbacks, B-movies, and trashy syndicated TV, where every hero is an antihero and every criminal is a master.

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