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From blockbusters to art-house muse, is Kristen Stewart the best actress of her generation?

Kristen Stewart settles into a chair and trains her piercing, kohl-rimmed eyes on you. “The best actress of her generation” — as Olivier Assayas declared after directing her to a Cesar Award for their film “Clouds of Sils Maria” — was until a few minutes ago pantless, but now wears slim jeans and a white T-shirt.

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In the age of alternative facts, decoding truth in documentary

The emcee of the live game show hoped to crowdsource his way to a revelation.

“Make some noise if you think the film is true," the host, Brian Babylon of National Public Radio, egged on audience members. They cheered loudly.

"And make some noise if you think it's bogus as ..." he said, to even more whooping.

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New video: 'Silence' is Martin Scorsese's deep immersion in faith

New on Blu-ray

“Silence” (Paramount DVD, $29.99; Blu-ray, $39.99)

Every decade or so, Martin Scorsese directs a movie that challenges viewers to contemplate the divine and to confront the contradictions of religious faith.

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Documentary 'The Freedom to Marry' chronicles the long road for gay rights

When it first came together, the documentary "The Freedom to Marry" probably looked like something of a victory lap. A chance to celebrate the individuals whose decades of work on the fight for marriage equality led to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling making it legal for gay people to marry in all 50 states.

All that is still true today, but something else is as well.

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Todd Fisher on how the Debbie Reynolds-Carrie Fisher public memorial became a musical revue

When he saw the hummingbirds, Todd Fisher knew this was the place. Sure, there were plenty of legends resting at Forest Lawn Memorial Park: Bette Davis, Liberace, Lucille Ball. But it was the hummingbirds that convinced him that his mother, Debbie Reynolds, and sister, Carrie Fisher, should be buried together here.

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'Beauty's' in beast mode as it bests 'Power Rangers' at the box office

In the battle of 1990s nostalgia, “Saban’s Power Rangers” was no match for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” while Dax Shepard’s “CHIPS” was out of the money in seventh place.

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