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Marlene Dietrich stars in Josef von Sternberg's 'Shanghai Express' in Pasadena

Josef von Sternberg was not only one of the great directors of the 1920s and ’30s, he was also an art collector in the circle of the enterprising dealer Galka Scheyer. She's the subject of the current "The Maven of Modernism" exhibit at the Norton Simon in Pasadena, and that enterprising museum is showing some of Von Sternberg's films along with it.

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Writers Guild of America members vote to ratify a new contract

Members of the Writers Guild of America have voted overwhelmingly to ratify the new three-year contract that was approved by the union’s leadership this month after a nail-biting round of negotiations with the major Hollywood studios.

The guild said in an announcement Wednesday that of the 3,647 votes cast, there were 3,617 “yes” votes, or 99.2%, versus 30 “no” votes, or less than 1%.

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Don't hate them because they're beautiful: How 'Baywatch' owns its dumbness and rises from the surf

Those who are eager to slam Paramount’s new “Baywatch” movie are probably the same kind of haters who let the original SoCal-set television soap opera die an abysmal-ratings death upon its initial release in the fall of 1989, when NBC hastily canceled it after just one season.

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Brad Pitt's canny allusion to Gen. Stanley McChrystal is at the heart of the nervy satire 'War Machine'

American movies are traditionally schizophrenic about our military might, celebrating it in John Wayne epics and mocking it in everything from "MASH" to "Dr. Strangelove." But "War Machine" has decided, with exceptional results, that it wants it both ways.

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Cannes 2017: Six questions for Claude Lanzmann, who made a new film about North Korea

Claude Lanzmann is a legendary documentarian, most famous for his nine-hour oral history “Shoah.”

Now 91, the French filmmaker might be expected to slow down or coast on his laurels. Instead, he keeps going.

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Cannes diary: On a somber day comes 'The Rider' and the thrillingly alive 'The Florida Project'