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'Star Trek' leads the box office, and the horror tale 'Lights Out' beats expectations

With Captain Kirk and Spock leading the USS Enterprise, Paramount’s “Star Trek Beyond” took over the box office this weekend, unseating Universal’s “The Secret Life of Pets.”

“Star Trek Beyond,” the third installment since director J.J. Abrams revived the venerable franchise in 2009, pulled in an estimated $59.6 million in the U.S. and Canada, close to analyst expectations of about $60 million.

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Even after 15 years of braving crowds at Comic-Con, this journalist can still find the love

The San Diego Comic-Con is a gathering founded on, and fueled by, love. The only way to nurture a convention like this for 46 years, to get people to make an annual pilgrimage from around the world, is with a shared affection.

And yet, sometimes, Comic-Con can make it hard to feel that love.

With 140,000 people descending upon downtown San Diego from Wednesday to Sunday, everything becomes difficult.

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Marvel turns Comic-Con's focus from the Avengers and onto its new crop of heroes

If Warner Bros. came into this year’s Comic-Con with the goal of resetting (and lightening the mood of) its DC superhero slate after the disappointment of “Batman v Superman,” the Marvel Studios panel Saturday showed Marvel making its own kind of change-up. 

For the first time in years, this was a Marvel rollout with no Iron Man, no Captain America, no Black Widow and no Hulk.

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'Justice League,' 'Wonder Woman' and 'Suicide Squad': The Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment course correction

In the great superhero movie arms race, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are in the unenviable position of having to play catch-up to its distinguished competition, Marvel. It’s not their fault that Marvel recalibrated the way sequels work with their cinematic universe. And it’s not their fault that Marvel had a nine-movie head start in building it.

So how did WB/DC respond at Comic-Con 2016?

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'Star Trek Beyond' on track for $60-million opening at box office

The “Star Trek” franchise has already lived long, but just how prosperous will it be for Paramount Pictures?

The third entry in the J.J. Abrams series debuted at the box office on Friday, collecting $22.5 million, according to the studio.

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The 'Game of Thrones' panel at SDCC had tons of love for Hodor, but no real surprises

“Probably the best thing about that panel was Hodor.”

So said one of the 6,000 fans streaming out of the packed Hall H panel for HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” one of the hottest tickets at the San Diego Comic-Con.

But what can you expect from a “Game of Thrones” panel that is a full 18 months from the next season, which is set to release in summer 2017, for which they haven’t actually shot a frame of footage?

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