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Geena Davis, David Yurman brand seek change with new documentary looking at gender in Hollywood

In the private dining room of Lucques in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, there was plenty of excitement as guests celebrated New York-based jewelry company David Yurman’s partnership with Academy Award winner and advocate Geena Davis as executive producers on an upcoming documentary examining gender bias in Hollywood.

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Natalie Portman braves the scary, enveloping sci-fi perils of 'Annihilation'

“Annihilation,” a mind-bending foray into the unknown from the British writer-director Alex Garland, leaves you in an entrancingly beautiful daze. That may be an odd thing to say about a movie with mutant crocodiles, killer bears and an unflagging sense of menace, but for all its surface perils the picture also has a disquietingly serene core.

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Mixed message undercuts action and music of 'Days of Power'

If writer-producer Michel Grey and director Jason Pagnoni truly wanted to shed light on animal abuse, there was probably a more direct, effective way than within the bounds of such a frantic and dispiriting thriller as “Days of Power.”

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Stylish sci-fi thriller 'Curvature' trapped in first dimension

“Curvature” is a forgettable sci-fi thriller whose intriguing start gives way to an arcane, convoluted plot that fails to viscerally or emotionally engage. Director Diego Hallivis, writer Brian DeLeeuw and production designer Laura Miller work hard to distinguish their work, but it’s a case of style — and conjecture — over substance.

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In solidarity with Time's Up and #MeToo, costume designers wear black and speak out at guild awards

If anyone understands the symbolic power of clothing, it’s costume designers. For the 20th edition of the Costume Designers Guild Awards, which was at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday, the typically colorful crowd joined in solidarity with the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements and wore black.

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How Yance Ford’s historic ‘Strong Island’ Oscar nomination is a victory for more than trans filmmakers

On Oscar nominations morning, Yance Ford sat on his couch with his partner, Amanda, watching the telecast. One hundred seventy documentary features had qualified for consideration last year, and Ford’s “Strong Island” had already made it to a pre-nominations shortlist of 15.

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