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Aaaah: 'Don't Breathe' takes top spot at the box office

That airy, wooshing sound? It’s a deep sigh of relief from Sony’s Screen Gems and Steve Bersch’s Stage 6 Films. Their low-budget horror movie, “Don't Breathe,” surpassed “Suicide Squad” and pulled into the top spot at the box office on Saturday. It grossed about $10 million on Friday, and is expected to finish its opening weekend with about $22 million.

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A 24-room labyrinth in a Boyle Heights warehouse gives audiences a custom terror experience

The first thing that happens when you walk through the doors of “The Tension Experience: Ascension” is that you’re handed a recruitment document for a cult, masquerading as the O.O.A. Institute. Printed on top of the enrollment paper is your own face, smiling back at you. 

A rosy-lipped receptionist brushes past her piles of disheveled papers and orange hard candies to clasp your hands.

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Nate Parker's Penn State classmates write a compelling letter in support of the actor-director

Four Penn State University alumni who were students there at the time Nate Parker and his then-roommate were charged with the rape of a fellow student have written a compelling letter in defense of the “The Birth of a Nation” actor-writer-director. 

“We are both dismayed and disappointed at the gross and blatant misinformation campaign regarding the events that took place during that time period,” according

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Frederick Wiseman's first decade of docs kicks off a vital retrospective

One of the timeliest, most urgent movies you can see in a Los Angeles theater next month was first shown nearly 50 years ago, not long after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the devastating race riots that followed in its wake.

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Horror master Sam Raimi recommends a scary film for fans: 'I dare you to watch it!'

Filmmaker Sam Raimi is a producer on the new horror-thriller hybrid “Don’t Breathe,” directed by Fede Alvarez. Across his broad career, Raimi has brought touches of the horror movie not only to his own trilogy of “Evil Dead” movies but also to films such as “Darkman” or even his three “Spider-Man” movies.

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Watch me: 'Rings' trailer gives cursed video franchise a digital upgrade

Death by viewership is back in the “Rings” trailer. 

The long-awaited third installment of the “The Ring” franchise hit the Internet on Wednesday, bringing the haunted VHS tape into the digital age.

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