Kanye West publicly apologizes to Beck, Bruno Mars for his behavior

Kanye West is sorry.

On Thursday, the controversial but immensely popular rap star took to Twitter -- where he has more than 11 million followers -- to apologize to artists Beck and Bruno Mars.

West was heavily criticized after he jumped onto the stage at this year's Grammys as Beck was accepting the album of the year award. West infuriated people more after the show, saying that Beck should given the award to Beyonce.

It was the second time the rapper pulled such a stunt. The first time was in 2009, when West interrupted Taylor Swift's speech during the MTV Video Music Awards. Again, he felt her award (this one for "best female video") should have gone to Beyonce.

Swift and West appeared to have buried the hatchet, playing nice at this year's Grammys.

Still, West wasn't done with the apologies Thursday. Shortly after the tweet about Beck, he apologized to Bruno Mars. He has publicly hurled some invective against the "Locked Out of Heaven" singer in the past, complaining onstage during a 2013 concert that Mars had won too many VMA awards.

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