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Ryan Adams announces new, self-titled solo album

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has announced a new, self-titled LP due out on Sept. 8

Ryan Adams poked some fun at his recent, scary bout with Meniere's disease (a mysterious inner ear disorder) on his live album compilation "Live After Deaf." Now he's got a new solo album to prove he's back for good.

The singer-songwriter has announced a new, self-titled LP due out on Sept. 8. The album was self-produced at his own PAX-AM studios in Hollywood, and will be released by his label of the same name and Columbia Records. 

The 11-track album kicks off with the single "Gimme Something Good," which is streaming now on Spotify.

The song starts as a slow-burning, bluesy rock number that's uncharacteristically riff-heavy for Adams. But by the choruses, it shifts into a lovely, Big Star-indebted '70s pop sound full of chiming guitars and sweet-hearted harmonies.

The single is a contrast to the intimate, hand-hewn folk of his last solo album, 2011's "Ashes & Fire." But it's a clear message that Adams hasn't mellowed with age -- and that the playbooks of classic rock and folk are still yielding new settings for his one-of-a-kind songwriting.

Adams has a brief West Coast tour planned for late summer, but no L.A.-area dates yet. He recently also collaborated with Jenny Lewis on her new solo LP "The Voyager."

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