YouTube Music Awards teams will return in March

The YouTube Music Awards are coming back

After taking this year off, YouTube announced it will bring back its music awards next year. But things will be different.

YouTube has teamed up with Kia Motors and executive producer Vice Media for the awards, which will have a different format from its inaugural bash in 2013.

The YouTube Music Awards, which will take place in March, will integrate fans in creating video collaborations between artists and directors. YouTube has already launched a new channel that will feature new videos from both established and emerging acts.

Last year’s ceremony, held in November, was live-streamed from New York’s Pier 36.

Aside from honoring stars of viral videos, the show staged eight "live music videos" from Eminem, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Tyler the Creator & Earl Sweatshirt and others. 

Creative director Spike Jonze steered the unscripted ceremony, which was heavy on bizarre and spontaneous moments.

The entire show was a glorious trainwreck – Gaga literally wept through one performance, co-hosts Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts held crying babies as they presented awards and one winner's envelope was buried in cake. Still, the show attracted 54 million views. 

The company said it will reveal more details about the awards in the coming months. 

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