Watch Foo Fighters hit the road in trailer for 'Sonic Highways'

Curious how President Obama defines American music? He did just that for Dave Grohl

"A love letter to the history of American music."

That's what Dave Grohl calls the upcoming Foo Fighters album in a just-released trailer for "Sonic Highways," an HBO series that will document the record's creation.

To make the record, also titled "Sonic Highways" and due out Nov. 10, Grohl and his Los Angeles-based bandmates traveled to eight American cities -- including New York, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. -- in an attempt to reflect "the local musical currents" of each town, according to a statement.

"I really believe that the environment in which you write or record an album influences the musical result," Grohl says in the trailer, which shows Foo Fighters at work in various studios with guests such as Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick.

The preview also includes snippets of interviews with Slash, Dolly Parton and President Obama, who in a rare bit of pop criticism declares that American music is "about people rejecting what is already there to create something entirely new."

The eight-part HBO series, which Grohl directed, follows the frontman's foray into filmmaking last year with "Sound City," his documentary about the history of a vaunted Van Nuys recording studio.

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