Watch Icona Pop's hilariously shameless video for 'All Night'

If there's one thing to be admired about Icona Pop -- and there are actually many! -- it's the utter shamelessness with which this Swedish electro duo puts its point across.

Few pop acts, for instance, have ever captured the brat-tacular glee of being young as effectively as Icona Pop does in its monster stadium-rave hit "I Love It," in which Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt dismiss some old dude with thrilling disdain: "You're from the '70s, but I'm a '90s bitch."

So Pop & Hiss can't really claim to be surprised by how openly the video for the group's latest single, "All Night," doubles as a commercial for Absolut -- specifically for the Swedish vodka maker's new Absolut Tune, a grim-sounding combination of vodka and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. But we can definitely laugh about it.

Like "I Love It," "All Night" comes from Icona Pop's U.S. debut, "This Is... Icona Pop," due next week. Watch the video for "All Night" below.


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