Daniel Silva

Harper: $26.99

The CIA enlists anti-terrorist expert Gabriel Allon in tracking down a dangerous American-born cleric with deadly plans. (July)


An Historical Thriller

S.J. Parris

Doubleday: $26.95

Monk and philosopher Giordano Bruno's exploits in Elizabethan England continue — he was first introduced in the novel "Heresy" — as he uncovers plans for a foreign invasion that threatens the queen's reign. (May)

The Ridge

A Novel

Michael Koryta

Little, Brown: $24.99

The owner of a curiosity — a land-locked lighthouse in rural Kentucky — dies, leaving a warning that the light must be kept on to keep something away. Three people are drawn into finding out what this "something" is. (June)

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Dominion

A New Jason Bourne Novel

Eric Van Lustbader

Grand Central: $27.99

Jason Bourne's the ultimate lone gun, but this time — in hunting terrorists that want to destroy America's strategic natural resources — he enlists the help of Boris Karpov, an old friend and the head of a Russian spy agency. (July)


A Novel