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Watch Stephen Colbert wake up naked in a 'Westworld' diagnostic facility

It turns out Stephen Colbert may be more than the typical Emmy "host."

Or so viewers were led to believe during a skit that transported the Emmy emcee to the world of "Westworld." 

When Colbert started spouting gibberish on stage, two people clad in hazmat suits appeared to drag him away. When Colbert came to, he was face to face with Jeffrey Wright, a.k.a. Bernard from HBO's "Westworld." 

In "Westworld," the androids that populate the immersive theme park are known as "hosts." What follows is Wright running a diagnostic on Colbert.

"Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" asks Wright. 

"Every day since November 8th," answers Colbert.

Watch the full segment above. 

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