Talking TV: Murder, mayhem, betrayal ... not the Oscars, 'Scandal'

Ellen DeGeneres and her Oscar selfie may hold the retweet record, but "Scandal" is the show that taught grown-up television fans the power of Twitter. And after its mid-winter hiatus, it's back making the personal political and seven different flavors of crazy.

President Obama may be attempting to face down Russian President Vladimir Putin, but at least his vice president hasn't publicly denounced him as evil before announcing her own presidential campaign (after having killed her gay and philandering husband, of course). What choice did the poor prez have but to hire his lover/former campaign manager Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and enlist as new VP an old buddy who still has feelings for the first lady? Meanwhile, Olivia's terrorist mom and recently fired super-spy dad are making all sorts of threats against everyone, and the various gladiators are in and out of bed, literally and figuratively, with The Enemy.

On the set: movies and TV

When Liam Neeson shows up and/or they all start speaking French, it may all become clear. Until then, join TV critic Mary McNamara, TV reporter Meredith Blake at noon and broadcast editor/superfan Michelle Maltais to blissfully ignore the Oscars and discuss what's really important--the once and future "Scandal."

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