Emmy chat: Join Bill Paxton for 'Texas Rising' today at 3

Bill Paxton of History's "Texas Rising" wants you to join him in a chat

Bill Paxton has been many things to many people. He's explored the reaches of space ("Aliens," "Apollo 13"), the briny depths ("Titanic"), the intricacies of polygamy ("Big Love") and the stubborn tragedy of a famous feud ("Hatfields & McCoys").

Most recently, he helped create the great state of Texas in History's "Texas Rising." As Sam Houston, leader of the Texas Revolution (and a distant relation), Paxton led a star-studded exploration of the violent but eventually triumphant weeks after the fall of the Alamo. His Houston is a troubled but stalwart man who defies all expectation to turn defeat into victory, both militarily and personally.

On Thursday at 3 p.m. PDT, Paxton will drop by the Los Angeles Times studio to discuss his most recent adventures and his admirable ability to defy both space and time. Send any questions you might have for him to #askLATimes. See you there.

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