'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Hey, don't insult grannies, chef Ramsay!

"Hell's Kitchen" is in circling-the-drain mode: It's just a matter of eliminations before we're left with Jon and Ja'Nel in the final, right? Or do you think it will be someone else?

Until then, several of the remaining finalists are getting their moment: Cyndi nearly knocked Jon from his perch in the signature dish challenge, Take 2. The lamb gods finally smiled down on Susan. Mary rose to the occasion -- tongue issues aside.

And then there's Zach.

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Zach has been a compelling character this season. Aside from being flat-out funny, he manages to botch so many things up, and then comes across as such a sympathetic underdog. He was truly crushed and moved to tears when he disappointed chef Ramsay so much that the chef himself took over Zach's station.

Zach struggled to compose himself in front of the cameras, reaching for some nearby paper towels to wipe away the tears as he recalled the dejection of it all.

But like a boxer who refuses to accept defeat, Zach has stumbled back to his feet, determined to redeem himself in chef Ramsay's eyes. (Cue the theme music that recalls "Rocky," but is not enough like "Rocky" that anyone would have to pay any licensing fees....)

It's doubtful Zach will make it to the finale, but he's had an amazing transformation in "Hell's Kitchen."

Hopefully, he's well on his way to losing the "car salesman" part of his personality.

Chef finally busted out the "doughnut" insult this season. And he also launched a new one, remarking that one of the competitors looked like a doddering "granny in a hardware store." Um. OK. Whatever you say, chef!


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