Jon Stewart to Fox News: 'Go [bleep] yourself' for using my act

Jon Stewart to Fox News: 'Go [bleep] yourself' for using my act
Jon Stewart on the set of "The Daily Show." (Martin Crook / Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart has a message for Fox News Channel: I tell jokes for a living, so stop using me to help prove your talking points.

On Thursday's "Daily Show," Stewart ridiculed news outlets -- mainly Fox News -- for using his jokes about the tech-plagued Obamacare rollout as evidence that the country has turned against the Affordable Care Act. "If you've lost Jon Stewart you're in trouble," a Fox News host said in footage that Stewart played.

"Don't use our joke as evidence that the thing you hate must be stopped because I'm sure when we joke about [something] you like, you will be more than happy to ignore it," Stewart scolded.

Using a gospel chorus as backup, Stewart delivered a musical message for Fox News, concluding with a friendly reminder: "Go [bleep] yourself."

That line has become something of a repeated motif on Stewart's show. In 2009, he told Fox News commentator Bernie Goldberg to do the same thing after controversial remarks Goldberg made about children born with birth defects.

Fox News would not engage in a comment.

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