Kristin Chenoweth nearly blows chunks on Jay Leno

Kristin Chenoweth will go to great lengths in order to raise money to combat breast cancer, including nearly losing her lunch on network TV all over genial Jay Leno.

The actress and singer stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday night and resumed her ongoing deal with Leno in regards to her work raising money for breast cancer. She eats something disgusting of Leno's choosing and he coughs up cold, hard cash. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Well, not exactly sweet. This time Leno provided Chenoweth with two dishes dear to his Scottish mother's heart: blood pudding and haggis.

If the petite Chenoweth could hold down the haggis or the blood pudding, Leno offered to give $1,500 to her breast cancer charity. Chenoweth got Leno to double his contribution if she managed to take a bite of each.

(On a previous visit, Chenoweth was able to keep down some sea urchin for $500.)

So what exactly is in blood pudding and haggis? Leno explained, "This is blood pudding. That's pork, beef, blood and oats. You like oats."

Chenoweth was already fighting her gag reflex at this point.

"And this is haggis," Leno continued. "Which is animal fat, lamb's liver and beef."

Chenoweth said the haggis looked like dog food and the blood pudding reminded her of an ex-boyfriend. (Not Aaron Sorkin, we hope).

But brave cancer warrior that she is, Chenoweth took a bit of the blood pudding and managed to choke it down. Barely.

Entertaining or horrifying, there's something slightly hypnotic about watching someone trying desperately not to barf in front of a live audience.