Lisa Kudrow quashes 'Friends' movie rumors

Lisa Kudrow quashes 'Friends' movie rumors
Lisa Kudrow says a "Friends" movie isn't happening. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

In case you were still holding your breath for the possibility that a "Friends" movie is in the works, exhale. Lisa Kudrow has some bad news for you.

Kudrow, who played airheaded Phoebe for 10 seasons on the hit NBC sitcom, recently talked to CNN about her new online series "Web Therapy" and was asked about the rumor and graphic that popped up online in April teasing a "Friends" movie.

"There was never a 'Friends' movie. Ever. So I've always known it's not happening," Kudrow said.

When she saw the tease online, which showed the ratty couch from the "Friends" set with the words, "Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014," even she was fooled for a bit.

"I went, 'Wait a minute, was I not invited? Oh, my God, maybe there is one, and I wasn't asked to do it.' I even had a moment where I believed it because everything around it looked real. It was a good setup."

But finally, Kudrow put the final nail in the "Friends" reunion coffin.

"The creators have put them to rest. NBC has. I don't know who else needs to say, 'It's really not happening.' "

But for "Friends" fans, there's always hope.