'Sharknado 3' will take place during a Mark Cuban administration

Mark Cuban will be the president in the next 'Sharknado' movie with Ann Coulter as his vice president

If you spent the weekend being horrified by the backroom dealings of the Frank Underwood presidency on Season 3 of "House of Cards," then you may need to medicate yourself before watching "Sharknado 3" on SyFy this summer. Dallas Mavericks owner and "Shark Tank" panelist Mark Cuban will play the president of the United States and conservative political author and commentator Ann Coulter will be the vice president in the film.

The "Sharknado" threequel is written and directed by the returning team of Thunder Levin and Anthony C. Ferrante.

Also returning are stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering to do battle with the airborne shark threat in the skies above Washington, D.C., and Florida.

Cuban and Coulter will join other celebrities in cameos, including Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, 'N Sync performer Chris Kirkpatrick and pro wrestler Chris Jericho.

The first "Sharknado" film was a surprise Twitter sensation when it aired two years ago on SyFy. The follow-up was a ratings success last summer and the cable channel is surely hoping for the same magic to happen again in July.

The only question that remains is just how much sillier could they possibly get for the third movie?

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