Teresa Giudice indicted: 'Real Housewives' star vows to press on

Reporter Sarah Hashim-Waris has details on a 39-count indictment against "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Guidice and husband Joe Guidice charging the couple with fraud and tax evasion.

In the wake of her federal indictment Monday, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice says she and her family have entered "a most difficult" time. But she hinted that legal woes won't keep her from the show.

Best known for her heavily bleeped freakout and "table flip" during the season 1 finale, Giudice was accused with husband Joe of conspiring to defraud lenders during bankruptcy proceedings. The couple could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.


"Today is a most difficult day for our family," Giudice wrote in a statement she posted to Twitter. "I support Joe and, as a wonderful husband and father, I know he wants only the best for our lovely daughters and me."

She doesn't appear to be putting her TV plans on hold, though. "Real Housewives" is in season 5, although many reality shows film episodes far in advance of their air dates. A Bravo spokesperson said the network would have no comment.

"I am committed to my family and intend to maintain our lives in the best way possible, which includes continuing my career," Giudice wrote. "As a result, I am hopeful that we will resolve this matter with the Government as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your kind wishes, prayers and support."

In addition to "Real Housewives," Giudice has also written bestselling cookbooks.

Her attorney has said that Teresa Giudice, who is expected to make a first court appearance Tuesday, will plead not guilty.

What do you make of the Giudices' indictment? How do you think it will affect "Real Housewives"?


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