Coachella 2015: New device could solve women's potty woes

Coachella 2015: New device could solve women's potty woes
A woman heads into a portable toilet armed with the Stand Up. (Andrew Meade Photography)

If you're a woman, you know there's no graceful way to use a portable potty. Even if you use the toilet liner, most of us would rather not touch the seat.

Unless you're a master squatter, in which case, we politely salute you.

If you don't happen to possess this skill and are heading to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year, a product called the Stand Up could be the answer to your festival bathroom prayers. 

It's being billed as a disposable, biodegradable "peeing accessory," intended to allow women to relieve themselves standing up in a restroom, portable toilet or even on the side of the road (like when the line to the ladies room is just sooooo long). It's made of neon pink, gloss-finished card stock and shaped like a cone.

If you get confused, the cones feature "pee here" signs to help guide the way.

"When encountering a less-than desirable peeing locale, many women opt to squat, which isn't easy," said the Stand Up founder Sara Grossman in a release. "We can feel off-balance, like we're about to fall through the stall door, or maybe like we're modern-arting a one-of-a-kind pee-splatter-painting for the next unlucky hopeful-sitter."

Clearly, she's given this a lot of thought.

A "purse pack" of Stand Ups includes six cones and sells for $6. Or you can opt for the festival pack, which includes 18 Stand Ups for $16, or the super woman pack, which includes 36 Stand Ups for $30. All sizes are available for purchase online.

Now if someone could just find a way to fit a bathroom sink, with soap and hand towels, in a clutch bag, that would really be something.

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