Celebrate National Hot Dog month with 61-cent chili dogs at Wienerschnitzel

Love chili dogs? 61-cent chili dogs, mustard dogs and kraut dogs at Wienerschnitzel Sunday

July is National Hot Dog Month, and to celebrate, Wienerschnitzel is rolling back prices on three of its classic menu items. 

On Sunday, you can order Wienerschnitzel's original chili dog, mustard dog and kraut dog for 61 cents each. Tax is not included, and if you want cheese, that will be extra. 

The hot dog chain, which has been around since 1961, is also celebrating its 53rd anniversary. What started as a single hot dog stand in Wilmington has grown to more than 350 locations selling 120 million hot dogs a year.

If you're in the mood to celebrate Sunday, you can order the 61-cent dogs at all participating locations. And if you want to order 10, go right ahead. Wienerschnitzel says there is no limit to the deal. 

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