How will you celebrate Cholesterol Liberation Day? We're here to help

Russ Parsons
The California Cook
High-cholesterol dishes are back on the menu, here's a dozen recipes to get you started

Fatty meats, liver, shellfish, butter, lard and eggs (not just the whites) are back on the menu. 

Now that the new federal dietary guidelines have declared the war on dietary cholesterol over, how will you celebrate? 

In case you missed it, on Thursday the scientific background report for the newest edition of the federal government’s healthy eating recommendations officially declared that dietary cholesterol was no longer a “nutrient of concern.” 

They found that it had only a marginal relationship to elevated levels of blood cholesterol. This is something that has been buzzing about in nutrition circles for several years, but it’s a big step to have official confirmation. 

So, having cast off the shackles of cholesterol restrictions, what are you going to fix for dinner this weekend? To help you celebrate appropriately, we’ve come up with a dozen suggestions.

A luxurious mousse that includes not only chicken livers, but five egg yolks? Vanilla ice cream made with heavy cream and four egg yolks? A grilled prime rib steak? Meatloaf wrapped in bacon? Cream puffs stuffed with Dungeness crab and mayonnaise?

Go ahead, enjoy.

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