Find coupons for wine corkage -- Corkpons -- online

CorkageFeed, a website that maps restaurants that offer wine corkage for a fee, or sometimes — though rarely — for nothing, has a new thing going. It’s called Corkpon, or a coupon for corkage. 

Corkpons, as explained by CorkageFeed, are created by restaurateurs and bar owners as a way to attract customers. To find Corkpons and corkage information at restaurants near you, go to and plug in your ZIP Code, the restaurant name or the city. If a restaurant is featuring a Corkpon, you’ll see a "Corkpon offer" button on the listing. Redeem the offer by printing it or showing it to your waiter on your smartphone.



An earlier version of this post credited the Corkpons (corkage coupons) to the app and website Corkpons can be found at, a site unaffiliated with


Sounds great in theory, but on Friday morning, clicking the “Free corkage today” button yielded no Los Angeles restaurants. Clicking "Corkpon offers" doesn't give up the name of a restaurant either, although there was one Thursday.  It stands to reason that restaurateurs would want to lure customers in via discounted corkage fees on weekdays and slower nights, not on the weekends.

Corkpons are a great idea, but it looks like Los Angeles restaurateurs haven’t caught on to the concept yet. The site is new and promises to be much more useful as businesses and users add corkage fees to more of the Southern California restaurant listings. San Francisco listings are much more built out because the app's headquarters are in the Bay area.

If you’re the type who checks websites only sporadically, join CorkageFeed’s mailing list to get alerts of new promotions near you. That may be the least frustrating way to find out about Corkpons and other deals as the website grows.

(A tip of the hat to @ReverseWineSnob for tweeting about this.)

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