Food truck alert: This truck serves nothing but BLTs with extra crispy bacon

The BLT may seem simple, but it requires just the right attention to detail for that magical combination of flavors to hit the right spots. This is the idea behind the BLT truck, a food truck devoted to bacon, lettuce and tomato.  

You may be asking yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Who cares? Just be glad the folks at Marcona Restaurant did, and that they like their bacon crispy.

If the truck is in your neighborhood, the smell of bacon will cut through the car exhaust and city smog, and you'll be able to sense it down the block. When you actually step up to the window to order, the truck radiates heat and you're enveloped in a warm bacon hug. 

As far as the actual sandwiches go, they all come on a Rockenwagner pretzel bun and with North Country Smokehouse bacon.

The classic BLT ($8) is bacon, lettuce, tomato and tarragon aioli rather than plain mayonnaise. Add avocado and cilantro aioli for the California BLT ($9). The breakfast BLT has sharp cheddar cheese, a fried egg and whole grain ketchup on it ($10). The turkey BLT ($10) has sliced turkey and honey mustard sauce. And the vegan BLT uses vegan bacon ($8.50).

For $3, you can add double bacon to any sandwich. And if you really want a salad, there's a salad with bacon and creamy tarragon dressing ($6.50).  

Whichever sandwich you choose, know that the bacon is crisp, the tomatoes ripe and the lettuce crunchy. And major props to whomever decided on the whole pretzel bun thing.  

All of the sandwiches are wrapped in red-and-white picnic check-printed paper, which really does enhance their flavor.

I don't trust people who like soggy bacon. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Jenn_Harris_


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