French Toast Crunch cereal is coming back!

General Mills is bringing French Toast Crunch cereal back after an 8-year hiatus

Remember marveling at French Toast Crunch cereal as a kid — or parent — in the '90s? The tiny toasts actually had crust!

General Mills is bringing back its French Toast Crunch cereal in December, after an eight-year hiatus. Fans craving those mini squares have been without their favorite cereal since it disappeared in the U.S. in 2006. 

The company decided to bring the flavor back after thousands of fans petitioned online. The most vocal group, the Bring French Toast Crunch Back page on Facebook, has more than 8,000 members.  

"All of the conversations, requests and passion from the fans really got our attention," said Waylon Good, marketing manager for General Mills in a statement. "We are so excited to give fans a chance to experience the cereal as they did many years ago, and also to introduce it to a new generation of French Toast Crunchers." 

The sweetened corn cereal was originally introduced in 1995, and the flavor has been available in Canada under the name "Croque Pain Doré." During its U.S. hiatus, some fans ordered boxes from Canada, paying $24.95 for a single box.

The cereal will be back on select U.S. store shelves in mid-December, and will be in stores nationwide by mid-January. 

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