Is the Kookn' Kap chef's hat the next big thing in the kitchen?

Some kitchen gadgets just make sense. A garlic crusher can be extremely helpful, some people can't live without a grater, and a food scale can be a lifesaver. But what about a product designed to keep your blowout free from food smells while you're cooking?


That's the idea behind the Kookn' Kap, a new product from Los Angeles residents Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan that was recently featured on ABC's "Shark Tank."

It's a chef's hat that looks like a bonnet. Users tuck their hair into it while cooking to keep their hair out of the food and the food out of their hair.
"We both love to cook, and we kept running into the problem of having to wash our hair every time we cooked something that had aroma in it," Kahn said. "We wanted to see what was on the market, and we saw that people were wearing shower caps and towels on their heads. We thought, 'How is there not something on the market already?'" 
The caps are reusable and washable and made of a special blend of polyester and cotton in downtown L.A. The two friends, who work at a finance company and call the Kookn' Kaps a "passion project," do much of the work themselves. They choose the fabrics, bring them to a screen printer, then to a cutter. They also pack all of the orders themselves. 

The caps come in pink and white with the option of having the Kookn' Kap logo ($9.95) or, for $12.95, a saying that is a tad bit saltier than we are allowed to publish.

And as far as the name goes, it came about by chance: The women said they Googled "cooking cap" and thought it sounded catchy.

"Kookn' Kap is something that we're hoping will be in everyone's household," Khan said. "We want it to become a household item and a household name."

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