Ramen Champ now serving its Coachella food every day -- for lunch

Miss the desert? Ramen Champ has your Coachella food

If you've been having Coachella withdrawal since you came back from the desert, Alvin Cailan and the folks at Ramen Champ can help you out. The ramen-ya started lunch service on Wednesday, serving the same cold noodle and rice bowls it served at Coachella. Because hot bowls of ramen, though glorious, aren't exactly the ideal food for a crowded party in the desert.

Ramen Champ, for the uninitiated, is the ramen shop that Cailan — whom you may know from his wildly popular Eggslut stand at Grand Central Market — opened in January on the second floor of the Far East Plaza in Chinatown. (See: Chego, Pok Pok.) While the dinner menu features bowls of ramen, the newly installed lunch menu has only one bowl of ramen, the shiitake shio ramen. The rest of lunch is a kind of DIY list on the chalkboad. 

Thus you can choose from bacon chashu, yuzu chicken and fried oyster mushrooms; anori rice, mushroom mazemen and baby kale salad; and a list of toppings, including egg, scallions, sesame, chives, carrots and togarashi. (Just get them all.)

Fill your bowl. Put on headphones with your desert playlist — antisocial under normal circumstances, but understandable here. It's a short lunch break, and anyway, the guy making your bowl still has his Coachella bracelet on.

Ramen Champ: Far East Plaza, 727 N. Broadway, Chinatown, (213) 316-8595.

Because taking pictures of food is almost as much fun as eating it, on Instagram @ascattergood.

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