Red velvet Oreos are really happening. Here's how to get a free sample

Red Velvet Oreos will hit stores soon. You ready?

Oreo fans, prepare yourselves. Red velvet Oreos are a real thing.

Nabisco seems to be a little behind on the red velvet trend, but for fans of red-hued chocolate snacks, better late than never. 

The new Oreos are made with red-colored chocolate cookies and cream cheese-flavored creme. The cookie portion ends up tasting just like a regular Oreo cookie, and the cream cheese-flavored creme is reminiscent of store-bought cream cheese frosting. 

This is the first time the company has introduced a new version of the Oreo cookie since the debut of the Golden Oreo in 2004.

The red velvet Oreos will be available nationwide Feb. 2 for a limited time. If you want to try them before the Oreos hit store shelves, you have until Thursday to visit for a chance to win a free sample.  

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