Live chat: Answers to your Thanksgiving cooking quandaries

 You can also ask questions below: (Or, if you're on a mobile device, here.)

Take a deep breath. It'll all be fine. The Food staff will be here Wednesday to answer your Thanksgiving cooking questions in a live chat beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Where does the probe go? How do I know when the turkey is ready? What potatoes are best for latkes? For mashed potatoes? Will pumpkin pie keep overnight? How much punch for a gathering of 10?

Send us your questions through Twitter using the hashtag #TimesThanksgiving, or ask them on our Facebook page, on Google Plus or in the comments below.

Deputy Food Editor Betty Hallock, reporter Jenn Harris and Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter, who'll be making a holiday turducken, will be joined by Manhattan Beach Post chef David LeFevre. They'll help you get through the day with tips, short cuts and winning suggestions.

Until then, peruse the menus that Times Food staff editors will be making for their families. And you can find recipes for the perfect Brussels sprouts, the crispest latkes, the most luscious pumpkin pie in the Holiday Edition of the California Cookbook, our stunning, searchable database of more than 650 recipes.


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