World Whiskey Day: 3 recipes to celebrate

World Whiskey Day isn't old enough yet to have a drink.

World Whiskey Day is today, May 18. It's inaugural event was held just last year. But, according to the World Whiskey Day website -- yes, they have a website -- more than 20,000 people attended over 200 events all over the world during that first official outing.

The celebrations will no doubt grow wider (and perhaps wilder) this year, even as World Whiskey Day continues to pay homage to its Scottish roots. Whiskey -- or whisky, according to the spelling of your choice -- derives its name from a Gaelic term meaning "water of life," according to the site.

If you're not a whiskey aficionado, you might be wondering: What is the attraction?

Our cocktails expert, Jessica Gelt, puts it this way: "Whiskey is sexy and sullen and a bit mean. It's a spirit that plays hard to get and then slaps you across the face when you least expect it. And that's just how you like it."

Need more convincing?

Here are three whiskey cocktails from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen including: Whiskey Barrel Punch, Satsuma whiskey punch and a Nuit Rouge.


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