Top 10 recipes of 1995 (plus three runners-up):

  • Recipe: Iranian Chelo Kebab

    Recipe: Iranian Chelo Kebab

      Note: The rice is what everyone went crazy for in this dish. Chelo starts as a plain rice pilaf, but it's very buttery and it's made so that a crunchy golden crust forms on the bottom of the pot. Everyone wants a bite of the crust, but it's traditional in Iran to offer the crust to your guest....

  • Recipe: Beans thoran

    Recipe: Beans thoran

      Note: OK, it cooks in less than 15 minutes, it's got almost no fat and it tastes really wonderful. What's the catch? We're still looking for one. This recipe is from Nirmala Kripanarayanan, who comes from Southern India. It's an example of Hindu vegetarian cooking at its best. You can sometimes...

  • Recipe: Pickled lemon cheesecake

    Recipe: Pickled lemon cheesecake

      Note: This dessert was developed by Charles Perry to showcase the exotic perfume of pickled lemons for his story on the history and many uses of pickled lemon in Arabic cuisine. Many tasters found the cheesecake unusual and refreshing. If you want, garnish the cheesecake with slices of pickled...

  • Recipe: Leg of lamb a la tamas

    Recipe: Leg of lamb a la tamas

      Note: Budapest-born Tamas Vetro gave The Times Test Kitchen this recipe in which 2-inch deep cuts are made all over the surface of the lamb then filled with slivers of garlic that have been rolled in small pieces of bacon. With the bacon, there is no need to season with salt or to baste with...

  • Recipe: Balsamic Squash Puree

    Recipe: Balsamic Squash Puree

      Note: Most winter squash look more like instruments of self-defense than like something to eat. But winter squash is not only delicious, it's also easy to cook. One of the easiest methods is also among the best-tasting. There are two ways to get squash pulp. You can pierce the skin of the squash...

  • Recipe: Creme Brulee Tart

    Recipe: Creme Brulee Tart

      Note: Even in the early days of California cuisine, creme bru^lee was ubiquitous. In response to the overabundance of burnt sugar, Jimmy Brinkley, the original pastry chef of Michael's restaurant in Santa Monica, came up with this variation back when the restaurant opened in 1979. The recipe...

  • Recipe: Apricot-almond clafoutis

    Recipe: Apricot-almond clafoutis

      Note: After years of trying to make a good clafoutis, Russ Parsons finally figured out a way to get the usually tough pancake-like crust to be more like the ideal he imagined when he first saw a picture of clafoutis, something tender and almost custard-like, puffed and brown and dotted with melting...

  • Recipe: Pork shoulder stuffed with prunes and plums

    Recipe: Pork shoulder stuffed with prunes and plums

      Note: When Michelle Huneven started thinking about recipes to serve at a fund-raising dinner that she was to cook for her church, a friend suggested this traditional French country dish. It can be made with prunes or a combination of prunes and dried plums. (Prunes are dried plums, but not all...

  • Recipe: St. Nicholas Valley Greek Festival Kourambiedes

    Recipe: St. Nicholas Valley Greek Festival Kourambiedes

      Note: Kourambiedes, delicate, tender, crumbly and not too sweet despite a blizzard coating of powdered sugar, are Greek butter cookies. In May, Barbara Hansen watched the women at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Northridge make 3,000 kourambiedes for the church-sponsored Valley Greek Festival....

  • Recipe: Ribs based with pomegranate and red pepper sauce

    Recipe: Ribs based with pomegranate and red pepper sauce

      Note: It takes about five pomegranates to make one cup of juice, and it takes six cups of juice to make the pomegranate molasses from Paula Wolfert's "The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean" that's used in this dish. Wolfert recommends buying the Cortas brand, which is widely available in local...

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